The Party Gets Created and Introduced

In the first episode of the Are We Dead Yet Reboot, we introduce our new cast of Characters:

Josh is playing Lyra Myst, the pumpkin-spice drinking, Air Genasi devoted Tempest Cleric of Procan.

Jon is playing Guda, the curious human far-travelling Monk from another Land.

Chris is playing the firbolg Druid called Zinfir as he seeks to cleanse his forest of blight.

Zoé is playing the half-elf, lovelorn bard Damien.

Zach is playing the mottled together, amnesiac warforged warlock, The Herald of Valkur.

David is playing as our fearless, fearful? Dungeon Master.

Together this ragtag group of heroes will come together and work together to save the city of Saltmarsh.

In this episode specifically we roll up the characters and introduce each one into the story as they all come together. Lyra gets teleported, Guda and Zinfir have a race, Damien gets thrown out, and The Herald takes a long walk off a short dock.

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